Friday, February 12, 2010

René & Zion E-session - Llandudno Beach

This engagement shoot was so perfect! I was very worried that it would be a disaster because of the hectic wind along the coast and we were running out of weekends to shoot before their wedding date. Talk about stress! It worked out well and instead of shooting at Oudekraal we moved our location around the bend to Llandudno beach, which was less windy and possibly more beautiful!

Rene and Zion really warmed up to being in front of the camera (one of the many advantages of having an E-session before your wedding!) and we had so much fun shooting at the beach!

I honestly couldn't stop smiling while editing these photos, because I can see how incredibly in love they are and it just warms my heart. Thanks guys - I look forward to shooting your wedding on 27th Feb! xx

p.s. click to enlarge panoramic