Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tommie & Careen - La Dolce Vita | Moorreesburg

This is the ultimate true love story of Tommie and Careen

The story goes a little something like this...back when Tommie and Careen were at Stellenbosch University and both HK's at their respective residencies, they had secret crushes on each other. This turned into a secret love, but the problem was that neither of them told the other how they felt. After University they lost contact with each other and only after 30 years did Tommie happen to spot Careen walking in a mall and he couldn't believe his eyes! It was Careen. It was really her! After all those years he didn't hesitate to walk up to her and he knew from seeing her then and there that she was the one for him!
This wedding was truly special for me as I developed a bond with my clients and they didnt feel like clients anymore but more like old friends or relatives. The wedding day took place in Moorreesburg where Careen lives. I met up early in the morning with Tommie and we drove around the town - Tommie was showing me where the church and venue was and potential photo spots if it rained. I then went back with him to the guest house and had breakfast with him and his family which was so special to be invited to!

I then proceeded to to La Dolce Vita where Careen was getting ready and which was also their venue. I really had to fight back the tears when I saw her because she looked incredible! Tommie is one lucky guy! We managed to duck a few drops of rain on the way to the church and it then cleared up for our awesome couple shoot. 

I can't thank you guys enough for choosing me to capture your memories - I had a ball of a time!
xx Taryn
 I snapped these pics from when I had breakfast with Tommies family.

 Love this moment between the girls.

Tommie has an infectious smile as you can see.

I absolutely love this building!

How cool is this old school painted farm cottage with retro yellow and blue.
Zamar performed live music for the day.
Had to add this pic of the ostritch hanging out nearby the venue!
The view on my way home.Venue: La Dolce Vita - Wilinda Hanekom - 022 433 3513
Catering: Wilinda Hanekom - 022 433 3513
Church: N.G. Kerk Moorreesburg
Music: Zamar