Sunday, February 20, 2011

Candice & Dylan | Bloemendal

Candice and Dylan's mom used to work in the same building. Dylan noticed her one day and offered her a lift home - she refused. He got her number from a friend of hers and days later persisted to offer her a lift home - she refused again. Until a day when she needed a lift and eventually drove with him. She saw him again and they started to hang out. Now its been 8 years later and they are married! 

They had their ceremony at the Durbanville Catholic Church and the reception at Bloemendal. The venue boasts a 270 degree view of the peninsula at the top of a hill - the only catch is you have to compete with a bit of wind but we managed to get some cool shots! Also there was a great party later with over 200 guests. Thanks guys!

xx Taryn

Assistant: Nick Coyne