Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shandre & Noel - Franschhoek

I arrived at the Le Franschoek Villas where Shandre and her bridesmaids were getting dressed. It really makes a difference when getting ready in a room with white bedding that's crisp, clean and uncluttered. I got some amazing shots of her dad putting her shoes on - so sweet!

Shandre & Noel got married at the Franschhoek church on the main road where after we drove to Le Cottee, one of the oldest farms in Franschhoek and apparently where the French Hugenots first came to live in the valley. It made for a beautiful rustic feel with the old farm buildings and vineyards with the amazing mountain in the background. We just had to fight off the little bugs while shooting in the vineyard! The photo shoot was followed by celebrations and dancing at the church hall with all their friends and family.

Assistant: Jenue Drinkrow

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