Sunday, January 17, 2010

Elna & Owen - Rickety Bridge

In December I had the privelage of shooting Elna & Owen's beautiful wedding at Rickety Bridge, Franschhoek. They held the ceremony and the reception at the same venue, which is a small blessing for photographers as we get to spend more time photographing the couple without worrying about driving between venues!

Elna's gorgeous make-up was done by Jane Field - who happens to have the coolest tattoo's, so the make-up application pics look awesome! I also couldn't get over the amazing flowers and decor that Marcel did - it is the kind of look and feel that appeals to my personal taste.

It was quite funny having to de-thorn ourselves after walking between the vines - those things were massive! All in all it was a wonderful hot and happy day spent in the winelands. Thanks guys!

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Anonymous said...

The pics are great so far. Can't waite for the rest. It was the most beautiful day we could dream about, even with the wind.Elna