Friday, September 9, 2011

Greyton landscapes

In the Winter season in the Cape the wedding photographers get a little break from shooting weddings, but we don't just put down our cameras and put up our feet - we keep shooting - and for the love of it!

I had a mini holiday in the countryside visiting my folks not too long ago. It was me and the open road and I had my camera next me on the passenger seat. These pics are some of the things I saw on my break to Greyton and surrounds...canola fields, blossoms, horses and donkeys....just what the doctor ordered :)

Enjoy xx

This one below is one of my faves!!!
 Another fave - I looooove blossoms!


igitur said...

Prettiful! They should get you to take do the desktop backgrounds of the next version of MS Windows!

Nastassja Harvey said...

these are divine girlie! the first one is simply amazing - in fact all the canola ones are amazing, but gosh I love that horse pic with the drool haha! :) and the donkeys are too cute! :)

gretsch said...

V nice. Fave = canola flower, 2nd fave = amorous donkeys :)

Tiffany Burnham said...

I Love donkeys!! So clumsy and cute looking! Adore that canola pic and love the perspective on those gorge blossoms! x