Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Irma + Shaun | Cape Town e-shoot

I LOVED doing this engagement shoot with Irma and Shaun in Cape Town the end of last year. We had fantastic light and perfect weather (albeit the heat) and the most breathtaking views the city had to offer! You may remember I've spoken about Irma before...I did a blog post about the save the date invite she sent me here. And it's nearing to their
wedding date in March when I'll be capturing their wedding! Look out for the pics then :) Enjoy this cool couple and the colourful city backgrounds.
xx Taryn

We had to include Shauns Golf in the shoot. Apparently its been around for as long as they've been dating...hehe..


Jenna-lea Kelland said...

very cute taz! i love it! and what a pretty girl! Love the looks you captured

Heather Steyn said...

Such a cool city shoot and that post box photo is the sweetest! Beautiful work Taryn!

Cheryl McEwan said...

Gorgeous shoot Taryn, love the photos!

Helena said...

The ring shot where she's sitting on the mailbox(*) is so perfect! I love the colors! The elevator-closing series is fantastic.

* I'm American. I'm assuming this is a mailbox? Forgive my ignorance. Our mailboxes are ugly.

IRMA said...


Taryn, you did an AMAZING job! Thank you so much for making our shoot so special.

You really captured our love for each other perfectly!
Can't wait to share this with the family and friends :)

We are truly greatful to have you as our photographer for our most special day.
We can't wait for the big day!

Much love
Irma and Shaun

NicoleH said...

Irma!! Baie geluk! Julle lyk stunning!!
Taryn - Wow... Great job!!

NicoleH said...

Irma!! Baie geluk met die verlowing! Julle lyk stunning en gelukkig en en en ...
Taryn: Wow... Great pics!! Love it!