Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fransette + Louis | Langebaan

With two people and their love for the sea and outdoors, Fransette and Louis's morning wedding couldn't have taken place anywhere else other than on one of the beautiful beaches of Langebaan. And that's what the Boesmanland Plaaskombuis venue offered them with its amazing views.
We were greeted with thunder clouds and light rain early in the morning and it all cleared up - thankfully!! - when Fransette made her grand entrance to the ceremony.

There is such chemistry and love between this couple that it makes it easy to photograph them. And Fransette is a natural beauty that smiled from ear to ear all day! Ooh and check out the vintage cars! Enjoy the pics!

Assistant: Jeune Drinkrow

 Below, the sand that Fransette referred to as 'special effects'..hehe.. ;)

Love this one below!

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