Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet baby Lliam

This is the little bundle of cuteness brought to the world by Stuart and Tabitha ParkinLliam weighed 3.2kg, was 52cm long, and was born at 10:12am on the 27th May, a whole 2 1/2 weeks early. And at the time of photographing him he was only 13 days old...awwww! 

I spent a few hours with the Parkin's at their home one morning and captured them in their daily lives with the new baby. Such chilled out and proud parents and Lliam was such a champ and behaved so well - he only cried when we needed to undress him for the shoot, shame it was so cold, good thing there was a hairdryer nearby!

To see the pics when Tabitha still had her pregnant belly - pre Lliam - go to this link.

Enjoy the pics!

Proud dad doing some documenting himself.

The only way to get warm quickly...

And what its really like to have a newborn baby... ;)

And how to fix the unhappiness of being cold quickly :)

Love this shot below!

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Yolandé Marx said...

Well done Taryn these images are amazing! It's a really tough job photographing newborns and you did an awesome job! Love the ones of him inside his dad's jersey!!