Monday, August 19, 2013

An afternoon in Philly

After doing a shoot in Philadelphia recently I decided to explore the town a bit - after all its a small town but with so much character! If you've never had the chance to get to Philadelphia (the Cape Town one - although I wish I were walking around in the US) you are missing out :)

Its a quaint little place and I just love the little details and colours it has to offer! The people are as vibrant as the town itself and its always a pleasure to come back and visit. I had a wedding that I documented there last year of Leani and Ettienne - click the link to view the shoot.

Enjoy looking at the pictures and maybe it will make you feel like you are taking a walk down the streets of Philadelphia too ;)



Karin Gerber said...

You have the most amazing eye for detail! Just incredible... My husband and I got married in the beautiful church in Philadelphia, so this brings back beautiful memories. Looking forward to see what you capture for Billy and Silke's wedding in January :)

Kind regards,
Karin Gerber

Anonymous said...

Love them Taryn! Such a quaint little village, and you captured it perfectly xxx

Selma said...

These are gorgeous Taryn! Such a quaint little village, and you captured it perfectly! xxx