Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 Wedding Photographers & Industry Party

This fun event and the largest of its kind was hosted by Ian Mitchinson and Monica Dart at Boo Radleys in Cape Town and what a huge success the evening was! I met so many incredible photographers and finally able to put faces to some of the photographers blogs I follow :) Jean-Pierre Uys, Ian Mitchinson and Christine Meintjes gave us some great motivational talks to get the evening started.

I felt a little silly by taking my 'muk-en-druk' (point-and-shoot) baby camera to a photographers party but mustered up the courage to haul it out and take photos anyway..hehe..but now I am in all the photo's because nobody wants to be photographed alone at a party...see pics below x

Long Street - taken with my phone.

The best for last - me and Christine Meintjes.

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