Friday, November 16, 2012

Loving all things pretty.

So it's become kind of an annual tradition to go to Kamersvol and my designated creative shopper is my mom :) And this years Kamersvol 2012 event was as spectacular as the years before. I enjoy walking through all the colourful stalls and photographing the flowers and interesting things that catch my eye, I even won the photo competition last year that they had running!
And below is a selection of things I saw on the day that I'd like to share with my followers, so enjoy :)

To view previous Kamersvol pics of mine 1 + 2

Below left: Bear broach by Trinket.

Below right: Two on Toast

Below, an infinity of infinity rings: Famke Koene

My mom and I :)

Below, the most adorable baby EVER!

Below, photographer friend Vanessa de Villiers and owner of Out of the Ordinary Frames.

Below, ceramic protea head I bought from Vanilla Concrete Ceramics.

Below, button headband I bought from Bow Peep.

Below, bunny necklace I bought from Moois & Meer Coterie.

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