Tuesday, March 25, 2014

PERSONAL POST // Life on a farm in Stellenbosch

So a few months ago I decided that I needed a change of scenery for my home and office (which are one and the same) and somewhere that would make my heart happy :) After weeks of searching I found an awesome little cottage on a farm just outside of Stellenbosch that I got to share with two other girls and their two cool cats.
 However, I only got to spend 6 or so months in Stellenbosch and had to move again due to unforeseen circumstances and am now temporarily living in a little retro house in the Strand - which I also love :) Yes, I am sad to leave the cottage behind. And yes, farm life is very different from living in the suburbs and I found it so good for ones soul, but it seems everything happens for a reason.

The farm had lots of animals like ducks, geese, cats and cows that kept me amused and entertained. Like on rainy days the ducks would waddle into the garden and graze on our lawn and swim in puddles near the cottage, and on warm sunny days I got to lie on a blanket in the sun on the lawn and watch the sun filter through the trees leaves and afterwards go for a walk around the farm closely followed by the cats of the house - namely Alex and Alfie. In the week on my way to meetings I needed to wait for geese to cross the road into the damn and on quiet evenings I could hear the soft mooing of the cows in the distance. 

I have some special memories from living on a farm and I wanted to share some photos from the time that I stayed there. 


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