Monday, July 22, 2013

PHUKET // DAY 4 - 5

Day trip to Old Phuket Town 

Another one of my must see places was a day trip we took to the other side of the island of Phuket to see the old capital town they call Old Phuket Town. It is just such a beautiful little town with original Sino Portugese style buildings that are a photographers dream spot! I negotiated a fare of 450 Baht with our taxi driver from Patong Beach...he was quite amusing - he couldn't understand why we would want to be dropped off there in the first place, but obliged. 

We walked Old Phuket Town flat and discovered all kinds of awesome little arty designer shops and coffee spots and art galleries - I was obviously in my element!! Even discovered a little printing house and the guys working there were quite happy with me taking pics of them. I was fascinated with the proper letterpresses that they had and they were putting the each letter together and binding the words they made - I just can't imagine trying to find the right Thai symbols and letters in the piles for each word! Crazy!!

We somehow managed to find a Tuk-Tuk driver that was willing to drive us around the town to explore by car and took us to several popular shopping spots - and waited for us - as well as take us up the hill to the viewpoint of the whole town and then took us all the way back to Patong Beach for 450 Baht - what a bargain! Was a great day of exploration and chatting to the locals and emerging ourselves in all the colour and lifestyles of the Thai people. 

Our taxi driver brought us here because he thought we would rather want to see the Phra Phitak Chyn Pracha Mansion than walk around the I literally took this one photo to appease the driver and we went on our way...haha!

Soi Rommani is the most beautiful and colourful street we came across and the locals say a lot of couple come here to take their wedding portraits.

The locals are exceptionally proud of their homes and almost always have some sort of plants outside the doors or hanging or on the street.

This sweet little boy couldn't get enough of me taking pictures and showing him himself on the screen -  he even followed us for a bit until we realised and then we back tracked and dropped him at his folks.

We bumped into this couple a few times as we walked up and down the streets. Turns out they are newly wed photographers...and super friendly :)

This was the printing house I mentioned fascinating!

Relaxing beach day in Patong with mom and then for some night time shopping along the stalls that are open till 11pm at night...woohoo!

Ahh this is the life! 


Tanya said...

I was in tears by the endof this blogpost, having recently experienced Thailand on honeymoon. Was so awesome to look at your pics, which are gorgeous, and picture the places you photographed again and relive such happy moments in such an amazing world.

Justine Kruger said...

Taryn, you really take amazing!!!

Nikki Meyer said...

Stunning shots Taryn! Looks like you had the most amazing time!

nastassja harvey said...

ahh these are so awesome Taryn! such an interesting place full of colour. so glad you got to experience this with your mom :)

Bonn Luxur said...

Great collection!You have done a great work...

Randhir said...

I'm hoping to visit Thailand early next year, these are some lovely images.